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Welcome to my UX design portfolio -

a curated collection of my journeys in crafting digital experiences. 

I am a UX/UI designer with a strong educational background in graphic design and photography, and I have worked as a freelancer for the past 5 years in this area.

In addition to design, I have also natural curiosity towards cultural studies and worked as a mentor and teacher in the educational field - organizing events, courses, and collaborations. I enjoy the process of creating and building something together with other people and as a visual thinker, it excites me if the initial ideas will take form in tangible design.

To voice my creative side, I have worked on research-based photographic projects, where I use various methods - exploring and creating archives to interviewing and visual documentation. I have organized and participated in several exhibitions and residencies. Have a look at my fine art portfolio to see finalized projects and Instagram for visuals behind the scenes. 

View my resume here.


My Work

As a UX designer, I have worked on various projects that range from web design to mobile applications. I believe that design should be user-centered, and it should solve real-world problems. My approach combines design inspirations from the fine art world with research and analysis to provide a truly unique visual identity for my clients.

My Process


This is the foundation of my work. I gather information about the target audience, business goals, and competition to create a design strategy that meets the client's needs.


I brainstorm and sketch ideas that align with the design strategy. I evaluate each idea based on its feasibility, effectiveness, and creativity, which results in a project brief and documentation.

Analysis and planning

Here I visualize the target audience through personas and transfer the information in feasible user journeys and flows a customer will be taking. 


Based on the IA I create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs using industry-standard tools. I strive to make accessible design for all audiences. 


I conduct usability testing and gather user feedback to validate the design's effectiveness. I iterate based on the feedback to improve the design's usability and user experience.


A cherry on top of a pie! Final visual design with

polished UI Elements.

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