"Worpswede" is a work in context, based on a certain location, Künstlerhauser Worpswede, Germany.

Collaboration with Vasiliki Riala (https://vasilikiriala.com/). 

2017 / "Steps" / Stills from video / Germany


Concept: Laura Laasik & Vasiliki Riala

Video & Photographs: Laura Laasik

Participants: Vasiliki Riala, Siri Wirtensohn, Rachelle Bindels, Laura Hogeweg



Each participant had the freedom to translate the given information according to their own presence in the space. It took them to places, where under any other circumstances they wouldn´t have gone. Leading to the conclusion that translation is a uniquely individual experience.

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2017 / "Moorexpress" / Video / 03:22 / Germany


Concept: Laura Laasik & Vasiliki Riala

Video: Laura Laasik



Each weekend a tourist train called Moorexpress passes by the Künstlerhauser. The artist unconsciously becoming a showpiece of the contemporary safari. The attention is on the temporary presence of artists in this environment. 

2017 / Zine "Worpswede"


The book follows a distinct narrative. The reader is taken on a journey with us, from the exploration of Künstlerhäuser surroundings to the smallest, hidden details in there. 


The traces created, found and left behind by people, make up the story for the place itself. 

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