“Three Weddings” is an installation based on the collected material in Udmurtia. Even though the collected stories, recordings, and photographs are location specific, the story of “Three Weddings” is a universal concept about the continuity within life, with details based on their specific Udmurt culture. This work celebrates and values cultural individuality within the global collective.


During the exhibition, the visitors were invited to participate in the project, with contributing an individual photograph related to the topic of Three Weddings. Through this book, an individual and location-specific story became universal and accessible to the people in the Netherlands.


This project was partly a collaboration together with Udmurt artist Zoja Lebedeva, who was guiding me through Udmurtia and its fascinating stories. 

The installation was also nominated for Klaas Dijkstra Academieprijs. 

2018 / Graduation Show, Groningen, Netherlands / 210mm x 210mm

Photobook as a part of an installation, where visitors were invited to contribute their own reinterpretation of the topic of "Three Weddings".


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2018 / Graduation show / Groningen, Netherlands

Documentation of the exhibition silkscreenprints / wooden frames / video / performance / book


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2017 / Photographs / Udmurtia