On a ferry between Finland and Estonia, different realities coexist.
The hope of a great holiday and a wish for time just to pass by.
The latter is a daily reality for tens of thousands of Estonians
living in Finland. How one can search for small spectacles of the
mundane journeys in order to see beyond the everyday?

Screenshot from Pendulum video/2 min 32sec/2020


Photo transfers on canvas out of time lapse photographs

taken over the course of one average travel - 4h 45min.

Exhibited in Finnish Museum of Photography, 2020. 


A ferry, or a teleportation machine, as they call it /

could be a non-place and a non-space /a vessel /

an island in the middle of vastness.

A place where time, location and personalities transform

after a brief two and a half hours.

to be continued...