On a ferry between Finland and Estonia, different realities coexist. The hope of a great holiday and a wish for time just to pass by. The latter is a daily reality for tens of thousands of Estonians
living in Finland.

Pendulum project looks into various aspects of traveling between two countries, specifically space and time. A ferry - a commercial entertainment space. One can choose to slit coins into machines or demonstrate swinging moves on a karaoke stage. Or is it a time capsule for work migrants in the middle of the sea, after closing one's eyes, creating an escape void in time to move towards the arrival as fast as possible. 

Screenshot from Pendulum video/2 min 32sec/2020


A ferry, or a teleportation machine, as they call it /

could be a non-place and a non-space /a vessel /

an island in the middle of vastness.

A place where time, location and personalities transform

after a brief two and a half hours.

to be continued...