Laura Laasik (1989) is a visual artist using photography as a medium to investigate cultural and societal structures. Currently, she is based in Estonia and finishing her M.A in Photography at Aalto University, Finland. In her recent work, she explores the multifaceted truth of the pendulum work migrants between Estonia and Finland. In her work she uses visual anthropology methodologies as a starting point when researching the subject matter, to find the omnipresent essence of the story. 


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2018 - ...  - Master of Photography, Aalto University, Helsinki, FIN

2013 - 2018 - Bachelor of Fine Art + Honours degree, Academie Minerva, 

                     Groningen, NL

2006 - 2011 - Graphic Design, Tartu Kunstikool, Tartu, EST

Nominations and Grants

01. 2020 - Aalto ARTS Production Grant (Finland)

01.2019 - KULKA Production Grant (Estonia)

06. 2018 - Nomination for Klaas Dijkstra Academieprijs (Groningen, NL)

08 - 09. 2017 Groot Brugmans Travel Grant (Groningen, NL)

Exhibitions and Residencies


Selection of exhibitions

01.2020 - "Unfold" group exhibition in the Finnish Museum of Photography

09. 2019 - Exhibition in Malta in Palazzo de la Salle, Valletta, 2019.

04. 2019 - AMUSE residency in Lithuania, organized by Malta Society of Arts,

09. 2018 - AMUSE residency in Leeuwarden, organized by Malta Society of Arts,

06. 2018 - Eindexamen Exhibition

(Suikerunie, Groningen, NL)

03. 2018 - "Exchanging Dialogues" - A collaborative project with the University in Hanoi,

(Hanoi, Vietnam)

02. 2018 - 24h Residency in Kunsthuis SYB,

(Beetsterzwaag, NL)

07. 2017 Summer school in Het Vijfde Seizoen and FOTODOK,
(Den Dolder and Utrecht, NL)

06. 2017 Residency in Kunstlerhauser Worpswede,

(Worpswede, GE)